Bridging The Gap 


New Building Uses



  • Marriage Conference/Youth Conference
  • Pre-marital events/conferences
  • Worship/Prayer Nights
  • Events with guest speakers
  • Plays/skits
  • Mother/daughter & father/son events
  • Easter and Christmas productions
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Dance recitals
  • Customize for the live stream (camera angles, lighting, etc.)
  • Christian Concerts- Our sanctuary could be a dedicated space for lesser-known Christian musicians to display their talent to the people of Southern West Virginia.
  • Host graduations and receptions for smaller schools (elementary /middle)



  • Gaga Ball Tournament
  • Board Game nights (variety games at different tables)
  • Congregation Christmas gathering/holiday events
  • Free gift wrapping around Christmas
  • Indoor yard sales/vendor market
  • Volleyball tournament
  • Basketball league
  • 3-on-3 basketball tournament
  • Available to Beckley Elem/BSMS-science/SS fair/book fair
  • Birthday parties
  • family reunion
  • teenage hangout
  • crafting workshops
  • meal prep instruction
  • Recreation / basketball space for local religious outreach programs (Mpact – Dan Burd, FCA)
  • Combined Kids Worship coming in before classes and splitting off to age groups…giving the kids a chance to participate and grow in what worship is and how it can look, being examples to younger kids, that worship is important in our relationship with God.
  • Meet and greets for age groups
  • Game Nights
  • Lock-ins: OTW & Youth
  • Wedding and event receptions
  • Dinner theater
  • Expanded Vacation Bible School
  • Gives the youth group a larger area for recreation.
  • Open gym- Opening the gym up to the public a couple of times a week can be a great way to get non-members in our doors. It gives kids a safe, climate-controlled place to play.


Community Usage

  • Beckley Elementary: kid hangout, teacher appreciation, trainings
  • Rhythms of Grace
  • Crescendo House Musical Theater Group
  • Trainings/Seminars/Workshops for local non-profit organizations
  • Homeschool Co-op groups: Classical Conversations / Appalachian